We now serve Beer & Wine

Cotillion Southern Cafe
Has Achieved A Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
for 2012 & 2013

Miz Kathi
Welcomes Y'all to Southern Hospitality


Cold Sandwiches
Miz Sylvia's Shrimp Salad Crossiant
Miz Kathi's Mother's recipe for Shrimp Salad made with
 a little "Southern Bite" 12
Turkey & Bacon
Our  Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese & Crisp Bacon, with your choice of  Cream Cheese & Homemade Cranberry Sauce or Spinach Spread 11
Tuna Salad made with Homemade Pickles & Celery  9
Sunny Egg Salad
Chunky Egg Salad made fresh daily with Green Olives 8
Pimento Cheese & Pecans
Our Homemade Pimento Cheese with fresh grated Sharp Cheddar, Pimentos, Toasted Pecans & a "Little Southern Bite" 10
Cotillion Chicken Salad
Chunks of Premium Chicken Breast with Craisans, Scallions, Celery, Toasted Pecans and Miz Kathi's Chicken Salad Seasoning 11
Southern Style Meatloaf

 Homemade Meatloaf, made fresh daily from lean Angus Beef. Served Cold  with Mayo 8

Hot Sandwiches

St Augustine Crab Cake Sandwich
Handmade  Crab Cake with a Fried Green Tomato, Lettuce & Remoulade Sauce on Whole Grain Sandwich Thin 16
Junkyard Dog
Local Sausage on a Toasted Bun with Bacon, Grilled Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms & Cheese. We bake it til bubbly 11
Georgia Slaw Dawg
All Beef Hot Dog on a Toasted Bun piled high with Homemade Slaw, Bacon & Onions. 9
Twelve Oaks BBQ

Generous portions of Hand Pulled Slow Smoked Pork with our House made BBQ Sauce, piled high with Homemade Cole Slaw, a Fried Green Tomato & Onion Rings. 11
Whistle Stop
Our version of the BLT.  Bacon, Lettuce & Fried Green Tomatoes served on a Whole Grain Sandwich Thin 10
Florida Cracker Angus Burger
Half Pound, Grilled Angus served with  Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato, Blue Cheese, Onion Rings & our own "Special Sauce"
Southern Pimento Burger
Grilled Angus served with our Handmade Pimento Cheese, Slaw, Bacon & Fried Green Tomato on a Toasted Bun 11
ood Ol' Boy

 (Po Boy)

Our version of a "Po Boy", served with Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato,  & our own Homemade Creole Sauce.
(can be blackened or fried)
Fried Shrimp 14
Fried Catfish  12
Fried Chicken 11
Big Daddy's Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich
Our own Homemade Meatloaf OR Turkey, served hot over Smashed Potatoes & Toast. topped with Homemade Cream Gravy 11

Train Wreck
Our Famous Cheese Grits covered with Homemade Baked Beans, piled high with our Hand Pulled Pork. We cover it with Cheese * bake it til bubbly. 12
Chicken "n" Waffles
Coming soon: Look for us in an upcoming issue of Lake-Sumter STYLE's "QUICKBITES"
As seen in Ocala's Good Life Magazine
Soul satisfying Homemade Buttamilk Waffles served with Texas Fried Chicken Breast & served with Homemade Cream Gravy OR Miz Kathi's Homemade Buttamilk Syrup 13


Also available at Supper

Add Ons:

Add a scoop of Tuna Salad or Egg Salad 2.50
Add a scoop of Chicken Salad, Grilled or Fried  Chicken Strips 3
Add Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast 3
Add a scoop of Shrimp Salad 4

Cotillion House Salad
As seen in V Life Magazine
Mixed Greens, Strawberries, Jack Cheese, Scallions, Toasted Pecans &
Cotillion House Dressing 11

lorida Gator Salad

Mixed Greens, Oranges , Blueberries, Bleu Cheese, Scallions, Toasted Pecans & Cotillion House Dressing 11

Dixie Fried Salad
Mixed Greens, Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Jack Cheese, Boiled Egg, Fried Green Tomatoes, Onion Rings and Chunks of Fried Corn Bread. Served with Cotillion House Dressing 13

Very Southern Berry Salad
Mixed Greens, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries & Cranberries. Topped with Bleu Cheese Scallions, Toasted Pecans & drizzled with my own Blackberry Basil Vinaigrette 12
An Old Southern Tradition: Oranges, Pineapple, Bananas & a Cherry. Sprinkled with Coconut 4

Fresh Fried Potato Chips, Cole Slaw, Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits),
Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Fries, Dixie Caviar or Side of the day 3

(3) Fried Green Tomatoes, Side Salad (with a meal) or  Ambrosia 1.50 extra
Side Salad (alone)  3.99


Southern Sweet Tea  OR Yankee Unsweet Tea 2,
Southern Belle Tea (sweetened with Stevia) 2.50
Hot Tea 2.50----Coffee 2

Homemade Ade of the Day 3
All Soda 2.50
Palatka Chocolate Soda 3
Add Homemade Vanilla Syrup or Cherry Juice to any drink .50

Miz Kathi's Homemade Southern Desserts 6.50
As seen in
Ocala's Good Life Magazine
Ocala Style Magazine
V Life Magazine
 Lake-Sumter Style Magazine
AARP Florida

We Never use Margarine
or MSG

*********Consuming raw or undercooked animal proteins including: Meats Poultry, Eggs, Shellfish or Seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions***********


Cream Cheese covered with Jezebel Sauce served with Crackers 7
Dixie Caviar
Black Eyed Peas, Onions, Peppers, Corn and Tomatoes in our own Dressing served with Crackers 6
Pimento Cheese
Served cold with Crackers or Hot with Tortilla Chips
Fried Green Tomatoes
Our Most popular appetizer! Hand cut, breaded, and deep fried  b9
Redneck Nachos
Fresh Fried Corn Tortilla Chips topped with Mr Jim's Smoked Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Cheese, Scallions. Diced Tomatoes and Sour Cream 11
Redneck Quesadilla
Grilled Flour Tortilla filled with Mr Jim's Smoked Pulled Pork, cheese and coleslaw. served with House BBQ Sauce and Sour Cream 11
Sweet Onion Rings
(Available Supper Only)
Hand cut breaded and deep fried in 100% Peanut Oil. Served with our house Remoulade Sauce 9
St. Augustine Crab Cake

Hand made Blue Crab Cake served with a Fried Green Tomato and house made Remoulade Sauce 14

Down South Entrees
Served with home made Corn-federate Corn bread with our Whipped Cane Butter & Homemade Soup, Ambrosia or  Side Salad

Twelve Oaks Pulled Pork Platter
Generous portions of  Hand Pulled, Slow Smoked Pork with our  House Made BBQ Sauce. Served with Baked Beans, Cole Slaw and garnished with Handmade Onion Rings. 15

Pork Loin
Hand cut, pan seared Pork Loin served with Fresh Smashed Potatoes, Homemade Cranberry Sauce and Vegetable of the Day 15
Train Wreck
Miz Kathi's favorite meal...Our homemade Cheese Grits covered with our Homemade Baked Beans & our Hand Pulled Smoked Pork. We cover it with Cheese and bake it til bubbly 15

Deep South Beef Entrees

Texas Country Fried Steak
Hand  Tenderized Filet, Breaded and deep fried. Served with "made from scratch"  Cream Gravy over our Famous Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits) or Fresh Smashed Potatoes. Includes Vegetable of the Day 17

Cracker Chopped Steak
Half Pound of Ground Angus Steak,  smothered with Grilled Onions, Peppers and Mushrooms with Homemade Smashed Potatoes and Vegetable of the Day 15

Southern Style Meatloaf
Large slabs of Lean Angus Handmade Meatloaf  served with Smashed Potatoes and Vegetable of the Day 14


East Coast Seafood Entrees

Served with Homemade Corn-federate Corn Bread and Homemade Soup, Ambrosia or Side Salad

Low Country Shrimp "N" Grits
Low Country Shrimp "N" Grits

Coming soon: Look for us in an upcoming issue of Lake-Sumter STYLE's "QUICKBITES"
As seen in V Magazine

Hot Homemade Cheese Grits  smothered with  Jumbo Wild Shrimp, Bacon, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and finished with a White Wine Cream Sauce 19

Alabama Fried Catfish Platter
Southern raised Catfish Filets, dipped in Egg Wash & rolled in our House Breading, then deep fried. Served with Homemade Cole Slaw, our Famous Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits)  and Homemade Creole Tarter Sauce.
Plate (1 Filet) 12  Platter (2 Filets) 14

St Augustine Crab Cake Platter
Our Handmade Southern Crab Cakes on Fresh Fried Green Tomatoes served with Homemade Coleslaw, Our Famous Georgia Ice Cream and Homemade Remoulade Sauce or Creole Tartar Sauce *1 Cake 19 * 2 Cakes 21

Shore 'Nuff Seafood Platter
Our Hand Breaded Wild Jumbo Shrimp, Southern raised Catfish and a Handmade Crab Cake on a Fresh Fried Green Tomato served with Homemade Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits) & Cole Slaw. Served with your choice of  House Made Sauces, Creole Tarter, Remoulade  Jezebel  or Cocktail Sauce. 24

Southern Fried Jumbo Wild Shrimp
Hand breaded Jumbo Wild  Shrimp served with our  Famous Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits) and  Homemade Coleslaw. Homemade Cocktail Sauce or Jezebel
(6 Shrimp) 19 ---- (8 Shrimp) 21

Other Entrees
Baked Mac "N" Cheese Platter
Back by popular demand. Our Homemade Mac "N" Cheese, baked to order and served with Vegetable of the Day 12

Farmyard Chicken Entrees

Crispy Baked Chicken
As seen in Ocala's Good Life Magazine
Home Baked Chicken Breast rolled in Butter & dipped in a Crispy Coating, Served with  Homemade Mac "N"  Cheese, Vegetable of the Day and Cranberry Sauce 15
Last Chicken in Atlanta Pot Pie
Chunks of Hand Cut Chicken Breast, Carrots, Celery, Potatoes, Onions and Mushrooms. Smothered in Cream Gravy and served with Puff Pastry 16

Texas Country Fried Chicken
Tender Chicken Breast, Hand Cut, Tenderized, Breaded, Fried and served over our Famous Georgia Ice Cream (Cheese Grits) or fresh Smashed Potatoes and smothered with Homemade Cream Gravy. Includes Vegetable of the Day 15

Chicken "N" Waffles
Coming soon: Look for us in an upcoming issue of Lake-Sumter STYLE's "QUICKBITES"As see in Ocala Style Magazine
"Soul Satisfying"  Homemade Buttamilk Waffles served with Texas Fried Chicken Breast and served with Homemade Cream Gravy or Miz Kathi's Buttamilk Syrup 15

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